Message from the Chairman
Almost all countries of the world are passing through the most challenging and crucial phase of survival due to the serious problem of recession and downturn of economy. This is the right time for business leaders to analyse and assess the real causes of failure of the financial system. At Mysore City Minority First Grade College our main objective is to create managers of best quality who can meet the challenges, expectations and aspirations of business organizations of developing economies and multinational companies.

At M.C.M First Grade College Mysore, we stress on thorough understanding of business concepts. Along with that we create an environment of camaraderie and an atmosphere of mutual support and learning. We do our best to create business leaders who can stand alone but are equally effective and comfortable to work in teams' efforts and in diversity of situations. In our campus students understand the need of the society with a clear mind and a compassionate heart.

We welcome all those from student community with a vision for the future.

(Azmathullah Sheriff)
President, S K Education Society®