Study in India

study in india
Became a study in India is among the best options available for Arab students for educational attainment and completion of studies and is due to several reasons, which are fundamental axis basis in the decision-making process and choose the appropriate country for the purpose of study and summarized these reasons in the following:

1. Low cost of living and studying in the Republic of India is a very significantly

2. Scientific and technological progress and economic reached by the Republic of India, who became a rival great powers

الدراسة في الهند
3. Among one the most important reasons that make the student chooses to study in India is the use of the English language, both at the individual level or the government and are very common so almost become English native language in this country and is the use of English, even among members of the same family, in order to learn English available in the Republic of India best language institutes in the world, both in terms of cost or in terms of competence, where there are the best British teachers and at the lowest possible cost compare to Britain and the United States, Australia and everyone knows how much study is very expensive in these countries, where it is cost course language in the Republic of India and the best colleges and educational institutions for a period of 6 months does not exceed $ 1000 and the system used is a system Cambridge British and even teachers authorized by the British Consulate in order to teach English and certification by these institutes, some of the best language institutes in the Republic of India is MCM College, MCM College one of the best leading academies of English language learning and foreign languages in general .

4.Owning the largest network of educational institutions in the world and is characterized by high quality, discipline and worth almost reward value of educational institutions in Britain and this is normal because the education system in India is the British system

5. India is among the major nuclear states

6. India because of its natural beauty and atmosphere is almost mild in most cases and in many Indian states

الدراسة في الهند
Famed India in the field of industry information technology any (Information Technology) or (IT), where occupied India ranked first in the world in the production of software, and also in the field of telecommunications, where famed India industry and launch satellites, and are located in India Months headquarters software development in the world and one of them the headquarters of Microsoft Corp. U.S. and from which he graduated latest versions of Windows in the world, 70% of the number of programmers and experts informatics at Microsoft are Indians, and also excelled India in other sectors other as an industry automotive, electronics and electrical, machinery and leather industry and in many other fields.

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