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How Can I Speak English ? this is the very first question which comes in your mind when you start thinking about learning English , because simply we are learning English to learn how to speak , how to communicate with people , how to express about our self , how to explain or present a topic , and many , so this is the very important major part of language , and that is called as communication skills which makes you able to be good English speaker .

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Then what is the answer of this question ? simply “ how to study english “ is the right answer for your question , because the way that you are following to study English language is very important , if you are only studying theory with out any practical then the result is zero even if you get high marks in theory exams , so you have to follow the proper way of language learning and the only proper way of English learning is simply talking and speaking continuesly and that is absolutely along with the theory class because the theory classes will give you the basics of language then based on that you have to practice a lot and Learn how to speak English.

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How to study English,In fact to learn any language 70% of your efforts should be in practicing and remaining 30% of efforts will be in theory , you have to spend more and more time in speaking English with your friends and classmates , watching English movies and channels , the most important factor which we stated previously is the around environment , it must be helpful otherwise any efforts and money that you are paying will be simply going to waste , the environment around you should be itself talking and speaking English , the people , students , classmates , teachers , markets that you are meeting every day must be talking by English then the result will be 100% perfect , and for that you need to live in English medium country where you can communicate only by English language .

We can introduce to you India as English medium country where you can achieve your target by very low cost with very high quality in teaching , we have British teachers which they are certified from Cambridge university and authorized from British council , they are very high qualified teachers and experts , in addition to that we have very high qualified Indian teachers and experts and they are also certified from Cambridge university and they have very sweet english accent .

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